Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In June 2014 ten Finnish writers and two theater directors, Anna-Mari Karvonen and Akse Pettersson, met in downtown Helsinki.

First they read to each other.

Then some of them began to draw pictures on a large sheet of white paper.

One of the writers, Maria Matinmikko, decided to dance her poems.

An old typewriter was connected to a loudspeaker and turned writing into fantastic sounds. 

When Satu Taskinen was reading her novel Der perfekte Schweinsbraten, a tent popped up on stage.

Nobody knows what will happen, when the directors and the writers, Aina Bergroth, Pauliina Haasjoki, Kaisa Ijäs, Matti Kangaskoski, Maria Matinmikko, Riikka Pelo, Mikko Rimminen, Eino Santanen, Satu Taskinen and Henriikka Tavi, begin their second intense week of rehearsals on September 22.

This blog follows the process and the tour itinerary through Germany, Switzerland and Austria in October 2014. Stay tuned!

Tour plan:

Tue 30.9. 7 pm: 
Literaturhaus Basel, Bafürssergasse 22  
Tickets: CHF 17/12

Wed 1.10. 8:15 pm: 
Theaterhaus Stuttgart, T4 (in cooperation with Literaturhaus Stuttgart)
Siemensstrasse 11, 70469 Stuttgart
Tickets:  EUR 9/7
Tel: 0711/4020720

Thu 2.10. 7:30 pm: 
Literaturhaus Zürich
Limmatquai 62
Tickets: CHF 18/12

Sat 4.10. 8 pm: 
Forum Stadtpark Graz, Saloon
Stadtpark 1
Free entrance

Mon 6.10. 8pm: 
Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
Am Sandwerder 5
Tickets: EUR 8/5

Tue 7.10. 8 pm: 
Literaturhaus Rostock
Doberaner Straße 21
Tickets: EUR 7/5

Fri 10.10. Frankfurt Book Fair
                             4-4:30 pm: ARTE stand 
                             5:30-6:30 pm: The Finnish Pavilion, Main Stage

Sat 11.10. 2 pm: 
Frankfurt - Kulturhaus am Zoo, die Katakombe
Pfingstweidstraße 2
Tickets: EUR 5/3

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  1. THANXXX A LOT for the show this afternoon at Kulturhaus am Zoo, Frankfurt. A most intense COMmon POSITION, one image out of all your intriguing texts and performances. An image that rests.